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We know the hurdles of getting paid internationally when you have clients outside your country. It's time to create your Ping account.

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You can choose to save your money, transfer it, convert it to crypto, or withdraw it as and when you like.

Register at Ping free of charge and validate your identity in just a few steps.

You receive the money in your account instantly.

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Soon you will be able to request your international card to operate in any business in the world.


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What do I do with my money in Ping?

US Dollars

All money transfers you receive in Ping will be converted into US dollars.


You can receive and buy the main cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, USDT) and send them to an exchange or decentralized Wallet.


You can use Ping to receive your bank transfers and decide how much you want to withdraw and how much to leave on the platform.

 The contractors say

"Impeccable. I did the KYC in 5 minutes and it was approved almost immediately. The flow of the transactions is super clear, solid and fast in execution"

"Ping is a super robust product, accessible to any type of user and highly practical since it simplifies the collection and payment of fees internationally."

"Cool! I withdrew part of my salary in USDC in less than 10 minutes, and I was able to make transfers in the USA between banks without problems"

Joaquín Iglesias Backend Developer

Neri IhitzProduct Manager

María Laura GalliHR Head

They have chosen us!


Can I register as a company?

While you can register directly on the platform, we can send you more information about our solutions for companies.

Top 3 Ping questions

Why is Ping different?

Our mission is to bring everyone closer to financial happiness and, in order to achieve that, we are different from the rest because:

  • We create your account in USD
  • We convert your money to cryptocurrency instantly whenever you want it
  • We help you send invoices to your international customers in just a few clicks

What are the fees for deposit and withdrawals?

Ping does not charge transaction fees. The transaction costs depend exclusively on the banking provider.

Here you can find the detail of each of these commissions based on the corresponding operation.

Are there any deposit limits?

For both fiat money, (such as USD), or cryptocurrencies the deposit limit is 50 million USD, or its equivalent, in the corresponding cryptoasset, subject to KYC.

Do you have any other questions?

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